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Mon-Fri, 10am-5pm


875 NW 3rd Street
Miami, FL 33128

875 NW 3rd Street
Miami, FL 33128

Mon-Fri, 10am-5pm

Red Ceramics Collection

Our ceramic collection is carefully created by hands of skillful artisans. Each piece is unique. The different combination of materials used creates an extraordinarily thin and delicate item while also being surprisingly sturdy. They are a pleasure to touch.

Styles and dimensions:

Shallow flat plates
Small: 19cm (7.5”) diameter
Medium: 26cm (10.2”) diameter
Large: 31cm (12.2”) diameter

Dented Bowls
10cm dia x 4cm H
3.9”  dia x 1.6” H
15cm dia x 6cm H
5.9”  dia x 2.4” H

Sandia Bowls
14.8cm dia x 4.2cm H
5.8”  dia x 1.7” H

Round Cup
8cm dia x 6.5cm H
3.1”  dia x 2.6” H

Cappuccino Cup
13.5cm dia x 7.5cm H
5.3”  dia x 3” H

Tea cup with handle
12cm dia x 5.5cm H
4.7”  dia x 2.2” H