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601 NW 11th St

Miami FL 33137

601 NW 11th St

Miami FL 33137

Mon-Fri, 10am-5pm


CEU Studio is a multidisciplinary practice that works at the intersection of design, architecture and timeless craftsmanship to create a collection of soulful treasures for daily living.

Our work spans concept, design, production, and execution of interior, architectural and product development projects. From interior management to site-specific solutions, our holistic approach to design creates luscious environments.


Interior Architecture  & Design |  Furniture Design &  Development

Projects featured in:

Dwell  |  The Wall Street Journal  |  Wallpaper  |   Axxis  |  Financial Times  |  Dujour  |  The Times Magazine  


Catalina Echavarría found her passion, and life-long obsession with the human nest, while studying anthropology at Boston College and architecture and design at the University of Sao Paulo. In Brazil she immediately identified with the search for sensual wellbeing through spaces, where the outside and the inside merge as one and where natural materials are celebrated. These feelings and their spiritual imprint deepened later while exploring, working, and creating a home base in Southeast Asia. The serendipitous twists and turns of life sparked the spirit of a contemporary nomad and today Catalina is a hands-on builder, product developer, and entrepreneur creating innovative homes, spaces and objects in collaboration with artists, artisans and clients with similar visions, goals, and passions.

After studying economics at Brown University, Cristina Landes found herself in New York, collaborating hands on with the people putting forth the ideas and brands that are iconic in today’s luxury world. Over almost a decade in New York she learned firsthand what goes into bringing a truly high-end object into being, and developed a deep connection to the essence of the luxury world: well-being through aesthetics. Growing up she became increasingly aware how things that on the surface appeared purely physical could shape her emotional well-being: the materials and textures comforting her in sleep, the pleasure elicited by the curves of that perfectly and smoothly carved wooden spoon, the ergonomics of the well-made chair…

By creating CEU Studio we merge our different life journeys and our shared belief in the power that spaces, and all that is inside them, have in how we live our days. CEU Studio is our passionate quest to create authentic, timeless, hand-made objects and spaces that lift and free our souls and although luxurious are simple and uncomplicated ….and -most importantly- celebrate the joy of living.



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